Tsukada Nojo (Dinner) | Dhoby Ghaut, Atrium – Japanese, Bijin Nabe

Bijin Nabe

A boiling fury of ingredients in an amazing, chicken based collagen rich stock. I was thinking of some nice shabu shabu at this point, but it turns out the place only serves chicken.

So it was New Year’s Eve dinner with the folks and my ma picked out Tsukada Nojo, and I must say it was pretty good! I’ll come back at some point again, especially during a rainy day.

My subjective rating: 3.5 / 5 (Everyone has different tastes in food and their dining experiences)

Ingredients for your Bijin Nabe

Stuff to throw in, I did not get a shot of the menu so no accurate names. Lets see now, some yummy chicken paste, black fungus, tofu skin, immaculate slices of yuzu and fresh prawns

Definitely not a first date spot, ambiance won’t be conducive for impressing, and probably not great for any kind of business discussion, its small and cramped, with lots going on in the the middle of the table.

Its pretty new and really quite popular, so plan ahead before you go. 1 it does not take reservations, so be prepared to wait or get there really early. Mentally prepare yourself and your party to walk around while waiting.

Chicken based collagen rich stock

Looks like Tofu eh? Its jelly-fied goodness of Chicken stock. If you are squirmish when it comes to visualizing what goes into your food, best not to ask too much about ingredients.

Expect a kind of hotpot/steamboat style of meal for dinner, and I hear its more of a Ramen affair during lunch, which I’ll be back to try.

More ingredients (Close up)

Prawns and Yuzu slices looking real pretty together

Ingredients (Another closeup)

Tofu skins and a pinch of black fungus

Ingredients (the full platter)

I’m not great at taking pictures so let me know if you have some tips but yeah, this is the full platter to stuff you get to dunk into your boiling chicken stock.

Chicken stock & Collagen melting

Add some heat, wait a bit and the “jelly” melts. Really reminds me of home made soups. I’m cantonese, and we love our soups and broths!

Fried Chicken Wings

Fried chicken wings. I liked it, but it could be abit over seasoned with salt and pepper for some.

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken, I prefer my skin a bit more caramelized. Probably won’t order this again.

French Fries and they call it "Ultimate Potato"

French fries! In a Japanese restaurant? Its pretty good actually, though like the chicken wings, might be over-seasoned for some. You’ll need to wash your mouth out with some tea or ice water.

Ramen / Noodles to finish off the remaining broth

Noodles after you’re done picking out all the ingredients from your broth. It makes the remaining broth nice and thick, just don’t leave it in for too long.

Onigiri / Riceball, Original Flavour

So this was a little twist, I believe it is a riceball / onigiri wrapped with thin slivers of chicken meat. This one is the original flavour. Its not bad, but I’ll try it just once.I experimented a little bit and threw some of the rice ball into my remaining bowl of broth, and I had something that came out a little like the glutinous rice in Korean Ginseng Chicken soup. Yums! 

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Chilli Flavour

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Chilli Flavour

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Cheese Topped

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Cheese Topped

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Yuzu Flavoured

Onigiri / Rice Ball, Yuzu Flavoured

Desserts, Egg Pudding

Every Japanese spot I pop by, I’ll gravitate towards their puddings. This ended off the meal real nicely for me!

Tsukada Nojo (Dhoby Ghaut, Atrium@Orchard)
60B Orchard Road, Atrium@Orchard, #03-81, Singapore 238891
No Reservations
Opened Daily
Lunch: 11.30 am to 5.00 pm
Dinner: 5.00 pm to 10.00 pm


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