PS Cafe (Dinner) | Tanjong Pagar, Ann Siang Hill

Flamed Prawns (Closeup) at PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Flamed Prawns (Closeup)

Grabbed a bite with a couple of friends before a farewell party and decided to pop by PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill. It was in the area, the quality of food is generally above average and the Korean place my friends found was too noisy for comfort.

My personal take is a square 3.5 / 5.

I really miss PS Cafe when it was still called Project Bloodshop, almost 18 years ago when I was still in high school. It was on the second floor at Paragon, overlooking the taxi stand, with less than 5 tables. It was the one place that got “Fusion” right, the trending term this generation is “Molecular Gastronomy”! They used to have this immaculate “Green Curry Chicken, Mango Chutney Sandwich”. Now I know it may sound like a weird mix of flavours but whoever concocted that dish was a genius. Green curried chicken slices, well toasted bread (hard to find in Singapore), fresh slivers of coconut flesh and mango chutney… it was a heavenly blend, the flavours melded delectably well together. Sadly, its no more on their menu. Most other restaurants just threw together some french, some japanese , thought it was sexy and called it “Fusion” but back then PS Cafe had it right.

So back to the present, PS Cafe has obviously grown and expanded, and the one thing I love about the Ann Siang Hill branch, the no kids policy. Today I actually found another thing to love, the 3rd floor attic / bar area and not to mention their grand their tasteful floral arrangements. So while the food is not blow your mind good (not anymore anyway) the ambiance kinda makes up for it.

Cool place to catch up with friends, comfortable, you’ll fill your tummy nicely, there is a good selection of alcohol to unwind and lubricate your conversations. Its expat-ty and has a decently behaved crowd with decent service, you could even consider bringing your dates here.

Between the few of us, we ordered some Flamed Prawns which came with pasta, some grilled cherry tomatoes and a good dash of cheese. It was not too filling but it was reasonably tasty and satisfied my hunger.

Flamed Prawns at PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Flamed Prawns, Colourful and not bad.

My friends ordered Lulu’s Leftover Lasagne which was not bad.

Lulu's Leftover Lagsane at PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Lulu’s Leftover Lagsane

We also ordered some crab cakes, and since they tag it as bar food, the portion is awfully tiny!

Crab Cakes at PS Cafe, Ann Siang Hill

Crab Cakes, a really tiny portion!

Deciding on desserts was actually pretty tough. PS Cafe has been known for its Carrot Cake since a long long time ago. We decided to go for the Golden Banana Butterscotch Cake… we did not finish it even though there was 3 of us sharing it. It really might have been too sweet (for us at least).

Golden Banana Butter Scotch Cake at PS Cafe Ann Siang

Golden Banana Butter Scotch Cake. Its really sweet!

I won’t be back for the food per se, but its a safe spot if you have a bunch of friends and are in the area.

PS Cafe (Ann Siang Hill)
45 Ann Siang Road, Singapore 069719


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