Mahamoodiya (Dinner) | Simpang Bedok

Mahamoodiya Plain Roti Prata

Mahamoodiya Plain Roti Prata, almost crisp, but quite oily

I was giving this place another chance and I am pretty glad I did. A close friend of mine raved about the prata here, and it was quite disappointing my first try. In fact I actually still think Empire Cafe at Raffles Hotel makes consistently good pratas albeit the price, which is almost 20 times more than most places. I really like a flaky and crisp crust, and most places just make it hard or serve it soggy. Crisp… is an art, even when it comes to toasting bread, most places in Singapore don’t quite get it quite right.

Back to Mahamoodiya, it is actually pretty good. I’ll rate it a 4 / 5 for a prata fix, it will beat River Valley’s Spize hands down any day. The trick is, you need to be there at peak or close to peak hours so that you are served fresh, hot and crisp prata. I guess that would mean early mornings or near dinner time. This time, I was particularly impressed with the chicken Murtabak, it was enormous, and crisp.

Mahamoodiya Murtabak

Mahamoodiya Murtabak, really filling but one of the best I’ve had

In case I do not get my fill of crisp plain pratas, I normally have an order of tissue prata at any prata joint. Those they need to make fresh. Kind of like ordering fries without salt at McDonalds to ensure you get the freshly prepared ones and not the ones sitting in the corner getting soggy.

Mahamoodiya Tissue Roti Prata

Mahamoodiya Tissue Roti Prata

Mahamoodiya is not all too accessible, its a good 5-10 minute walk from Tanah Merah MRT, but of course if you drive it should not matter too much. They also serve the usual spread of Indian Tandoor dishes, but that I’ll leave for another meal.

Mahamoodiya Restaurant
335 Bedok Road, Singapore 469507


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