Jewel Cafe & Bar | Little India

My personal rating , I’ll give it a 4 out of 5. Its a nice casual place, the staff are friendly (not snotty), the food is pretty good and if you do like your coffee, its a pretty good place to get your fix. You can get by with a meal for about $25, but throw a drink in and have more than one course, you could be spending an easy $50.

Its pretty new actually, it only opened about a month or so.  A close friend of mine spotted it when they were still renovating the place and we finally decided to make a trek out. Adrian (the owner) has done a great job with his first Jewel Coffee by Asia Square and we expected something pretty fabulous from his second venture and it did not disappoint.

The ambiance is pretty casual, the yellow lights help soften the possibly harsh bare concrete walls and columns. If it gets crowded, its going to get a tad noisy, so I won’t be conducting any serious business meets here or be expecting a quiet date. I think it would be great for a relaxed catch up, and if you happen to be there when its quiet maybe some studying or work too. It is a tad off the beaten track, so you might want to cab there or drive. I would imagine in the Singapore heat, you would expect some perspiration if you popped by in the day time.

There were a few of us, and we tried a variety of dishes, 2 burgers, an Octopus Avocado appetizer, the southern fried chicken, a chocolate milkshake and a peach sangria. No coffee this time but the owner Adrian is artisan when it comes to his coffee, he owns some of the most expensive coffee hardware in town and experiments with some pretty crazy coffee techniques.

Was pretty pleased with our Shio-Koji Octopoke. I am normally not a huge fan of octopus dishes but this one I liked.

Shio-Koji Octopoke from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Octopus tossed in shio-koji, wasabi, extra virgin oils, avocado & ginger-flower

Shio-Koji Octopoke from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Shio-Koji Octopoke from Jewel Coffee & Bar

The next dish was the Southern Fried Chicken which did not disappoint. Its not mind blowing or anything but its good’ol comfort food, crisp and tasty batter, oozing chicken fats, what more could you ask for?

Southern Fried Chicken from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Crispy fried chicken marinated in milk, special spice mix and deep friend with fries and salad

Our pasta was just ok. We loved the name of the dish but it was not as flavourful as we would have liked. It does look good in photos though.

Umami Prawn Capellini from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Capellini with grilled prawns, crustacean oil topped with our own Umami “magic” dust

Umami Prawn Capellini from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Umami Prawn Capellini from Jewel Coffee & Bar

The burgers were next and they were not bad. Bacon jam sounded really interesting not to mention the name “Praise the Lard”, it was actually the tagline on the Adrian’s T-shirt when I first met him a year or so ago.

Praise the Lard Burger from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Praise the Lard Burger. bacon Jam, Arugula, American cheese and Granny Smith Slices

Port & Blue Cheese Burger from Jewel Coffee & Bar

Onion caramelised in port reduction, chunks of aged Stilton * a secret “magic” dust mix

While the chocolate milkshake was nothing to really shout about (its still good though), I liked the Peach Sangria quite a bit. Its lightly alcoholic but the fragrance of the peach was intoxicating.

I’ll definitely be back, for a chill afternoon, or just to kick back with a few friends.

Jewel Coffee & Bar
129 Rangoon Road , Singapore 218407


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