I love my food, and its a huge part of my life. Each meal is an adventure, an experiment, and every now and then, a delight that blows my mind. This blog is a small part, some place to remember the amazing experiences I’ve had, but mostly a spot to share my experiences with food with friends and people out there who love food as much as myself.

My reviews are all very subjective, I believe our taste in food are different and food is extremely personal. Hopefully though, my tips and experiences would help a few folks out there.

A few people have asked why the title “Olive Potato” and I’ll admit that there was no real science behind it. I wanted a name to go by which was easy to remember and related to food (potatoes I love love love). Anonymity is crucial to, so that ego does not get in the way and so that being identifiable does not get in the way of being able to give true, honest opinions of the food and places I eat and visit.


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  1. Wow, what a great blog you have! We will be traveling to Singapore in the next few months and hoped we would stumble upon a site like this to help us sniff out the best food in Singapore! We can totally relate to your love for food, we are excited to explore what flavors Singapore has to offer! Thanks for sharing 🙂 -T

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